Noëlle's perspective-twisting insights always give me new ideas and epiphanies about my business, even though I've been doing this for four years. Her advice is golden and I value her opinion highly. I would still be giving my best work away for free if Noëlle hadn't told me to cut it the fuck out.

- Rhiannon Llewellyn, Transmogrifier

Whatever you're doing, you could do it better. This is not a slight against you; it's the truth, and it applies to all of us. It's a hard problem because we all believe that we're doing the best we can, and because we're so close to what we're doing that we can't see how we could make it better.

What you need is someone who sees what you do from a different angle. My job is to look at your business and recontextualize it, in detail and at a broader level. After you work with me you'll know that you're working better, smarter, and in a way that makes more people happier. And you'll have mental scaffolding around your business so that you can reach in and work closely or step back and see the whole picture.

What this covers

There are four steps to Being A Delightineer.

Phase 1: Do I want my business to make people happy?

If you're here, I'll assume that the answer to this question is yes, but it's not true of everybody. Some people just want their businesses to make money; the happiness of their employees and customers is secondary. That's perfectly okay, but you're probably not going to find what you want at The Delightworks! (We don't do delight-as-dessert-topping; if a business isn't built with delight as a core tenet, we'll rebuild the business so that it is.)

Phase 2: Whom do I want to make happy?

This is a harder question. Most people here who answered "yes" to the first question are going to answer "everybody!" to this question, but that's not actually a useful answer! It's important to narrow your focus, because you're not going to please everybody; if nothing else, there are people whose joy in life comes only from tearing other people down, and the only way you're going to make them happy is to self-destruct. In this phase, you're focusing on a specific, select few that you want to deliberately target for happiness delivery.

Phase 3: How do I make those people happy?

This requires an answer to phase 2, because you won't be able to target people if you don't know who they are. Each group has particular ways in which they like to be delighted, and this phase is dedicated to learning how to tap into those delight paths.

Phase 4: How do I make as many people as possible happy?

Well, you can't please everybody - but once you've got your tactics from phase 3 in place, you can broaden it into a more general strategy. It's like climbing a mountain; you don't just jump to the top of the mountain, you find a foothold and make sure it's steady before you move on.

Delightineering is a perspective clinic.

If you've answered "yes" in Phase 1, it's really easy to think that you're already doing everything you can to make people happy - and it's just as easy to get bogged down in believing that you don't know how to make people happy. Delightineering consulting is a way for you to step back and get a fresh perspective on your business, your goals, and the happiness of both you and your clients and customers. We'll start with Phase 2, "Whom do I want to make happy?", and work forward from there, visiting and revisiting each phase so that you understand what you can do to delight people (and yourself!) and how you can do it.

Be warned:

Once you press this button, nothing is sacred. This is not about adding delight as an afterthought or a dessert topping. This is a re-examination of your business and your approach to it from the ground up. It's necessarily not going to be comprehensive, because that's an ongoing process. However, in the time we have, we will not hesitate to overturn even the core of your business if that's what it takes for you to come out better, stronger, happier, and more able to deliver your best work to the people you care about.

Delightineering comes in one-hour chunks. Right now you can get a one-hour session for $57, or two one-hour sessions for $97.
These are introductory prices and will change in the near future, but if you've bought sessions and I change the price, you won't have to pay extra.

I know you want to make your business better and to make as many people as possible as happy as possible. I can help.

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