"When does a person stop being a child? Can you say that a child is ever entirely eliminated from an adult? I believe that the right kind of entertainment can appeal to all persons, young or old."

-Walt Disney

In a nutshell

The Delightworks is founded on the principle that a happier world is a better world, that a happier business is a stronger business, and that happier customers are more reliable and talkative customers.

That doesn't seem like a particularly revolutionary statement, but you'd be surprised. (A quick illustration: think of the last time you said "Hooray, I get to call the cable company!")

Thoughts and Devices that Charm, Enchant, and Enlighten

Lessons learned and knowledge gained about happiness, in life, business, and creative work: that is the stock in trade at The Delightworks, along, of course, with the living, doing business, and creativity itself. The Delightworks is also an umbrella, providing support for my smaller creative ventures like Mischievess Studios and Small Town Chef.

If you'd like to get started quickly, these posts do a good job of summing up what The Delightworks is all about:

The Chief Delightineer

I'm Noëlle (neé Chris), and I've been working with customer and client relationships and satisfaction for nearly twenty years, in one form or another. I've done customer relations for clients like Interact Accessories (now part of Mad Catz), Hewlett-Packard, and the Johns Hopkins University, and I draw inspiration from luminaries like the Walt Disney Company, Zappos.com, and design expert Donald Norman. When I'm not delightineering, I write, illustrate, and program, and I recently brought those three together by founding Mischievess Studios to develop independent video and computer games.


If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me in a few ways.

  • Send me an email. My address is noelle@thedelightworks.com.
  • Find me on Twitter, as @noellejoyeuse or @delightineer.
  • Give me a call. No, really. My number is 765-889-2772. If I don't answer, don't be discouraged; leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Last and most important

Put down what you're doing and go do something fun and challenging for five minutes. Play a game on your phone, or try to beat your best time up the back stairwell. (If you don't have a best time, set one!) You'll have a better day for it.

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