I have a lot of cats. (No, really, I'm verging on Crazy Cat Person here.) Especially at certain times of year - like when they grow their summer and winter coats - cats shed, a lot. And so there's cat hair everywhere.

When I clean, there's cat hair. When I type, there's cat hair on my keyboard and my monitor. When I go to drink from a glass of water, there's cat hair on the rim of the glass. (It's worse with soda, because water film isn't sticky.) I moved my desk recently, and the spot on the carpet where the desk was is brighter than the rest of the carpet, because it doesn't have two years of cat hair matted onto it. (I really need to get a carpet cleaner.)

It's just something you get used to. When you have cats, there's going to be cat hair. After a while, it gets to where you barely notice, if you notice at all. But I know other people will notice, which is why I don't have other people over to my house very often.

But when I go to someone else's house, someone who doesn't have cats, and there's no cat hair, it's so nice to not have to pick cat hair off of everything that I start wondering if maybe some of my cats need to be outdoor cats.

You might be saying to yourself, "I don't have cats. What does this business have to do with me?"

We all have cats.

You go to write a comment on someone's blog, but it doesn't show up because they have their blog set to hold all comments for moderation but there's nothing telling you that; it just looks like your comment disappeared. Cat hair.

You pay a consultant to get their help with your business or your life, and once you've paid, they tell you their next appointment slot is in two months. Cat hair.

You try to unsubscribe from a newsletter, and the system tells you that it might take 5-10 business days to remove you from the database. Waiter, there's a cat hair in my soup.

We don't notice the cat hair when it's our cats, especially when our cats are really our business practices. Unfortunately, everybody else does, and most people don't like discovering somebody-else's-cat hair on their pizza or in their drink.

Log out of your site, delete your cookies, and then go through the processes that your business offers. Imagine that you're someone who's brand new to the site. You'll start seeing the cat hair. And once you do, start gearing up to get out that vacuum cleaner, because no matter how much you love your cats, every strand of cat hair means someone is that much closer to walking out.


3 Responses to “The Perils of Cat Hair (From the archives)”

  1. Twitter: rachaelacklin
    This is freaking BRILLIANT.

  2. Jess says:

    A side note, to be sure, but please, please, PLEASE don’t let your cats be outdoor cats. I don’t want to make a soapbox out of your blog, so I’ll let you Google the articles yourself. <3